The New Cup Sleeves Event Sensation of 2022

Here at we have noticed an increase of ‘Cup Sleeves Event’ orders from our customers. We thought it was the perfect time to explain exactly what the new phenomenon consisted of.

Cup Sleeves Event

You might already know about Cup Sleeve Events, but if you don’t this article is for you! Before you can understand what a cup sleeve event is, you must first have a solid understanding of K-Pop. A lot of K-Pop songs are currently on the UK charts. K-Pop is a recent phenomenon in the world of music that originated in South Korea. Artists such as BTS now receive regular airplay on all our main UK radio stations.

Nobody takes their idol’s live more serious than K-Pop fans. When it comes to their hero, the famously passionate K-Pop fans would go to any lengths for them. K-Pop fandom has swept the world by storm, including organising an event to celebrate the idol’s birthday without the idol being present, of course.

Unquestionably, the “celebrate your idol in a café” concept originated in South Korea, where some of the biggest cupsleeves events are still hosted. There are now regular cup sleeve events taking place right here in the UK. For some financially, attending a performance can be out of reach, and we all know that albums and merchandise costs a small fortune. So why not participate in a fun cup sleeve event as a way to support them that is also less expensive?

How Does It Work And Who Do They Benefit

A cupsleeve event is essentially any celebration of a K-Pop idol’s birthday, debut anniversary, album release, accomplishments, or other special day. Celebrating the army enlistments of their artists can likewise be a justified reason. In cafes, events are put on by fans, for fans. The coffee cup sleeves are, without a doubt, the event’s centrepiece.

Everybody typically receives a cup sleeve bearing the image of their beloved idols whenever they purchase a beverage at the venue because the organiser basically creates unofficial products to give out or sell during the event. The owners of the cafes also gain indirectly from this because these events might increase sales for them.

Coffee Cup Sleeves Event

Real Life Friendships

Making new friendships along the way is another significant value from this experience. Finally meeting in person will allow fans who typically communicate online to strengthen their bonds.

The K-Pop community is a powerful cultural force that frequently uses its strength for volunteerism and charitable endeavours, as evidenced by the RM 25k in flood relief funds successfully raised by K-Pop fans for the Malaysians affected by the disaster.

How Can I Print My Cup Sleeves?

This is where we come in. Here at we have extensive experience of printing reliable and high-quality coffee cup sleeves. We have already supplied our Cup Sleeves for cup sleeves events here in the UK, we’d love to keep contributing to the phenomenon. Take a look at our range of sleeves here or get in contact to discuss exactly what you’re looking for!

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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