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Read our tips for designing amazing cup sleeves!

Creating your own print-ready cupsleeve artwork from scratch can be challenging – particularly for smaller businesses with no graphic design team to fall back on. Here’s three top tips to help you craft your own super-attractive, super-effective cup sleeves.

Recognise the purpose & audience

What do you want to achieve by using branded cup sleeves? Who is your ideal audience? How will your design appeal to the right people?

Printed Cup Sleeves are ideal for promoting your brand, event or why not add a QR code? Send people directly to your site or socials.

Before you open your design software, answer the questions above. Your design ideas will flow once you know who you are designing for and what you want them to do!

Cup Sleeves Artwork Setup

Don’t go overboard!

Sometimes less is more! Coffee Cup Sleeves are relatively small, to make yours stand out be sure to keep your design simple and straightforward.

Aim for a maximum of two or three colours and use large, eye-catching text which stands out even from a distance.

Avoid too much clutter, it may be wise to leave out photographs and graphics entirely—stick to basic shapes and text. Let the colours do the hard work!

Remember dimensions

Use our templates which clearly show where score lines will be. Do you want your design crossing over the fold?

Keep in mind that the taped and interlocking tabs will be obscured so don’t add any fancy artwork to these parts.

For a great overall look, keep your logo centered on the front of the sleeve, add any extras around this central key point.

Artwork design set up for cup sleeves

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