Paper Range

Gloss coated paper

Gloss coated paper as its name suggests is a glossy shiny paper.

Gloss coated paper, as its name suggests, is a glossy and shiny paper with a smooth photographic quality. The gloss coating applied to both sides gives vibrancy and high colour contrasts to the paper, preventing ink from being absorbed. To further enhance the glossiness, a gloss machine seal or gloss lamination can be applied. Gloss paper is the perfect choice for magazines and marketing material like flyers, catalogues and cup sleeves to make images pop out. It also offers excellent protection against cracking, so leaflets and brochures can often be folded without scoring. However, keep in mind that the gloss coating gives the paper a reflective quality, which can cause glare and make documents with large sections of text difficult to read.

Paper Range

Silk Coated Paper

Silk coated paper has all the benefits of gloss paper but without the inconvenience of the glare. The silk (or satin) coating is applied to both sides of the sheet giving the paper a sheen but not a shine. Colours will be vibrant and text will be easy to read. Silk stock is the most popular of all the coated stocks and is commonly used for brochures, leaflets, posters, folders, box sleeves, cup sleeves, pillow packs, etc.

Matte Coated Paper

Our matte coated cup sleeve provides a dull finish on a smooth and robust sheet, making it ideal for a variety of uses. This paper holds ink well and the anti-glare properties make it easy to read, even with large areas of text. However, colours will be less vibrant than on gloss or silk coated paper. The muted effect of this material makes it an ideal choice for using gloss spot UV varnish or foiling, as the matt coating will enhance the pop of the contrasting finishes.

Uncoated Paper

Cup sleeves are becoming increasingly popular as a sustainable option, thanks to the rise in focus on sustainability. Uncoated paper is often made of 100% recycled material and is fully recyclable after use, making it an ideal choice for cup sleeves. Without a protective coating, uncoated paper has a more rustic and environmentally friendly look and feel that many people are drawn to. The absorbent nature of the paper is perfect for litho printing, allowing for a faded or washed out look. However, it is important to bear in mind that without a coating, the uncoated paper is more susceptible to tearing and cracking, which may be an issue for cup sleeve designs.

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